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Drawn in Headfirst

“My love for rowing has always been an ineffable one because there truly are no words fit to describe the act of finding the limits of human capability. I first learned this when I started rowing a few years ago under the watchful eye of my high school coach who just so happened to be a Polish Olympian with the kind of fervor that will either send you running away or consume you entirely. Being who I am I really had no choice – I was drawn headfirst into the game. The game originally consisted mostly of overcoming that internal voice telling you “it’s your GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to give up” with the help of an undeniably zealous Polish woman shouting “Your body is much like machine just turn pain to off!!! Is very easy!!!” in your left ear. Very quickly the game evolved into an incredibly profound force of connection to a team working towards the same horizon.

When it came time for me to choose how I would continue my academic and athletic endeavors beyond high school I’m deadly serious when I say it took under a minute to decide Stanford was where I needed to be. Although next year will be my first time on the team, Kate, Skyler, and the lightweights’ steely determination and uncompromising unity can be felt far and wide. When you have a group of people this tireless and passionate about what they do, a five minute zoom call on a Wednesday morning doesn’t mean it’s over just yet. Save Stanford Rowing!”

-Avery Louis, Class of 2024

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