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A Commitment to Each Other

“I knew practically nothing about rowing when I first walked on to the team, but I very quickly realized that I had the opportunity to become a part of something truly special. Every member of the team immediately welcomed me, regardless of whether they had been rowing for years or they were a walk-on like me—because we are all part of one community. This team is united by our love of rowing and our appreciation for the incredible sport that we are able to take part in, but we are also united by our love and commitment to each other. My teammates and coaches are my role models, my inspiration, and my biggest supporters; these are the people that I know will always have my back, no matter what. I am so honored to be able to call myself a member of Stanford Lightweight Rowing, knowing that with that title comes not only a history of athletic excellence, but also a culture of grit, dedication, and strength. I am constantly amazed by the passion, dedication, and tenacity displayed by my teammates; we have faced countless challenges, and every time, I have seen my teammates rise to the occasion. I know this next challenge will be no different, and there is nobody else I’d rather have by my side as we fight to reconsider this decision.”

-Annika Khouri, Class of 2023

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