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Champions are Built Day by Day

“I found rowing through a Stanford rowing summer camp when I was 12 years old, despite trying everything I could to avoid my parents’ continued attempts to put me in extracurriculars for my health. When I got there though, the boathouse walls were lined with pictures of olympians and national champions — people that looked strong and confident, characteristics that I didn’t see in myself. Fast forward and I have just finished up my first year on the Stanford Lightweight Women’s team. One year at Stanford rowing feels like the sum of the 5 rowing years it took to get here. All through high school, I looked up to Stanford at races. I marveled at how everyone carried themselves with strength, precision, and humility. Let alone to continuously operate as the best lightweight program in the country. Yet, this dreamlike program is somehow even more incredible in the mundane day to day. There is sweaty and selfless work put in day in, and day out, to be the best that we can be in all facets. The experience is giving me the confidence to hold myself accountable and to build the best version of who I can be, both for the world I want to better, and for myself. Because change starts with what we can do. There is electricity in the air during practice. It’s filled with hope, fight, and compassion. This electricity fuels every one of the experiences later that day. Everyday this team offers warm (sometimes sweaty I must admit) hugs and genuine care for one another. No matter the difficulties in other aspects of our lives, I know that when I get asked “how are you doing?”, that I can always communicate both the highs and lows but always be me met with unwavering support. And now, we need your support.”

-Tiffany Lee, Class of 2023

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