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How Strong We Can Be

To say that Stanford Lightweight Rowing was the highlight of my college career would be an understatement. Stanford Rowing changed my life. One of the most extreme challenges I have ever had, it pushed me to my limits both physically and emotionally, and showed me how truly strong I could be. As a woman of color, I think this lesson holds even more powerful importance in my life. It introduced me to a group of badass women that I continue to look up to and admire. As one of the many physicians that now make up my rowing class of 2012, I can, without a doubt, say that we all rely on the invaluable skills we solidified through this sport in our current practice. Stanford Rowing gave me my chosen family and a forever team. Every student should be afforded opportunities that can shape them, and every student should have access to experiences that make them whole. And for me, that is Stanford Rowing.

-Genevieve Tuveson, Class of 2012

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