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How We Start Our Mornings

Waking up, my eyelids slowly opening to reveal 5:38 AM on my alarm clock. It dawns on me that I’ve slept in, and I now only have 7 minutes to make it to the team van. While running out the door, I grab all of my rowing gear that I prepared the night before. Still drowsy, I just barely make it to the van on time, and I'm greeted by many of my best friends playing our team playlist.

After a grueling 25 Kilometer row to the San Mateo Bridge and back, we make it to Stern for breakfast by 9:10. Our whole team is packed shoulder to shoulder around the largest wooden table in the back of Stern, as boisterous and fun as ever. For me, there’s nothing else in my life like pouring out my heart on the water and pushing myself to reach new limits, and then coming back to our classic team breakfast. It’s these moments where I get to feel like I belong, like I have meaning in my life. And I wouldn’t want to start my day any other way.

-Peter Chatain, Class of 2022

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