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The Cost

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I thought there would be many years to think and reflect about the gifts Rowing at Stanford has given me. But if we must say it now, I’d keep it simply to this.

Rowing has taught me what it costs.

The costs of a late night with little sleep.

The costs of eating poorly and maintaining bad habits.

The costs of immaturity.

The costs of miscommunication.

The costs of rushing a slow process.

The costs of losing friends.

The costs of friends who don’t support you.

The costs of distractions.

The costs of quitting.

And most importantly,

The cost of failing those you care about most.

But fortunately, when you get a bill every single night and every single morning you start to think twice about how you might spend.

And this process, catalyzed and continued in perpetuity through rowing, has taught me there are very few things worth the cost. And they are the only things worth anything at all.

-Trey Holterman, Class of 2021 Co-Captain

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