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The Novice Mindset

Updated: Jul 30

“One of the best decisions I’ve made at Stanford was to walk on to the Women’s Lightweight Rowing team as a coxswain during my freshman year. Coming in undecided about what major or extracurriculars to do, I was looking for a community of women to grow with and learn from. This team is exactly that and everything more. I am grateful for all of the memorable experiences, learning opportunities, and cherished friendships that this team has supported me with in the past three years. Coxing has taught me the pillars of empathy, resilience, and communication, and these values will always guide how I find grit and perspective in tough situations and work to support others in a way they want to be supported.

The opportunity to start a sport at the varsity level without any prior experience truly is so rare. Even after three years on the team, I am humbled by how open my teammates are to learning and listening, and I strive to carry this “novice mindset” in my future endeavors. My Stanford experience would not have been the same with rowing, and ultimately, this team and sport make Stanford feel like home to me.”

-Jen Vu, Class of 2021

Rowing has been a force for good. 

Stanford Rowing has enriched the Stanford community since 1905. In over 100 years, our alumni have given back countless hours and love to the Stanford experience, and our goal is to continue to empower future classes of exceptional students and exceptional alumni.

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