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The Stanford Rowing Family Welcoming New Members

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

“After years of feeling out of place on every sports team I joined (and quit shortly after), rowing became the first team sport where I felt like I belonged. I soon found a family composed of the most hardworking and humble people, who taught me the joys of being part of a team. Rowing’s standing as the ultimate team sport does not begin to account for the power of being on a rowing team and the dedication of its members. There is an electric energy that races through a boat sitting at the start of a race that is unmatched as the boat's hard work and friendship culminate into an infectious sense of devotion to each other and the race. Although I have not experienced a season as a member of the women’s lightweight rowing team, I already feel like an important and involved member. As an incoming freshman, this sense of purpose and value holds so much significance as I make the transition to college student. I have been welcomed with open arms by some of the most successful collegiate lightweight rowers in the country who have amazed and inspired me. The success of this team has only led it to be more inclusive and appreciative of its members, speaking great amounts to the team's humility. Rowing has always been a supportive family to me, and I know that this feeling will only grow stronger as I become a member of the Stanford lights family.”

-Lydia Garnett, Class of 2024

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