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What Defines Stanford Rowing

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

“What defines Stanford Lightweight Rowing? Prior to my arrival, I thought the team’s definition could be summed up by its 9 national titles: college athletics at the highest level. When I arrived, I realized Stanford rowing means so much more than that. Stanford Rowing is defined by camaraderie— cheering for your teammates on erg tests, even though your whole body is on fire. Stanford Rowing is defined by compassion— the 5 AM van rides spent singing along to Early 2000’s hits and endless hugs when I’ve needed them. Stanford Rowing is defined by grit— holding yourself and your team accountable for extra workouts on Saturday afternoons to try and get that extra second for a National Title. And it’s defined by our phenomenal coaches, Kate and Skyler, who promote community and determination.

To put it quite simply, there is no community like this team. Here, I’ve found friends for life. I live for watching sunrises on the port, Team Ice Cream trips after erg tests and the exhaustion after Saturday Race Pieces. This team is not defined solely by its 9 national titles, but rather the community I’ve discovered. Camaraderie, Compassion, and Grit are the backbone of Stanford Lightweight Rowing.”

-Lauren Howe, Class of 2023

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