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What I've Learned From Stanford Rowing

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

I learned from Stanford rowing everything that cannot be taught in a classroom - I learned how to get comfortable being uncomfortable, how to ask more of myself, how to channel my anxiety into productivity, how to work hard for things that are in my control and accept those that are not, how to put the needs of the group before my own, how to lead effectively, how to follow effectively, how to own my personal failures and share my victories with those around me.

The athletes on these teams contribute much more to Stanford's campus than a frequent national title or some PAC-12 scholar athletes. They are aspiring doctors, engineers, inventors, lawyers, authors, movers and shakers. They are deeply involved in their communities and are passionate about finding solutions to big problems. They know how to work hard to solve these problems. We will carry the lessons we've learned from rowing with us for the rest of our personal and professional lives, and will be better equipped to face life's challenges because of it.

What does Stanford gain from no longer providing its students these lessons?

-Ryan Cardiff, Class of 2020

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