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What Separated Stanford from the Rest

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

“The community that I have found through rowing has given me an amazing support group, has brought me to my strongest friendships with teammates, coaches, and competitors, as well as developed my own character to be resilient, strong, and gritty. I have had an entire community stand behind me in my weakest times and celebrate my highs by my side. Because of the positive impact that rowing has had on my life, I looked for a collegiate program that could continue and strengthen this experience…but, I found so much more. Stanford presented the opportunity to compete at the highest level of lightweight rowing while pursuing an incredible degree. More than academics, however, I chose Stanford because of the inclusive and encouraging team. The lightweight team stood out to me as positive, supportive, and fearless even before I started school on campus. The team dynamic is special and demonstrates a mutual love for rowing and respect for one another, something that is unique to this group of women and is so important to me to continue throughout my next four years at Stanford.”

-Noelle Diamond, Class of 2024

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